Great Answers to Tough Questions


Thursday 27 February 2020
08:30 – 12:30hrs
Radisson Blu St Julians

How to give Great Answers To Tough Questions
by International Communications-Boosting Speaker: Michael Dodd

Do you sometimes find yourself put “on the spot” by tough questions where you struggle to provide a quick, effective and impressive reply?

Nightmare questions can come from customers, prospects, journalists, financiers, officials, members of the public and members of your own team.

But wherever they’re from, knowing how to give great answers can boost your standing – and your organisation’s image and success.

GIVE GREAT ANSWERS TO TOUGH QUESTIONS equips you with the golden formulae to verbally handle all kinds of situations in the workplace and to get across the right message.

The session will:

  • Give you a justified confidence boost
  • Enable you to become more authoritative and persuasive
  • Improve your presentation skills
  • Enhance how others see you
  • Equip you with the “golden formulae” for dealing effectively with challenging questions, nasty questions and tricky questions
  • Empower you to perform more effectively and impressively under pressure
  • Shift your mindset to the point that you see tough questions as great opportunities to convey the right message

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During the session you’ll be given the golden formulae for answering tough workplace questions.

You’ll discover how to identify the best content, how to best structure your answers and how to enhance your delivery style as you give your replies.

You’ll know what traps to avoid so that when it comes to doing it for real you can give answers based on your learning and your enlightened preparation

As a result you’ll justifiably feel more confident.

The techniques you’ll learn will be particularly useful when preparing to answer questions involving information which you may suspect will not be universally popular but which you know is the right thing to do.

This can include situations such being questioned about redundancies, relocations and redeployments.

Whatever verbal challenges you face, you will leave the session feeling far better equipped to deal with whatever your questioners throw at you.

About the Speaker

The session will be run by former political journalist and foreign correspondent Michael Dodd who was trained amidst the jungle of Australian politics to ask what they call “blowtorch-on-the-belly” questions.

These days, as a London-based international communications-boosting speaker, Michael helps people to answer them.

So he can test you out for the worst possible situations, and give you the tools to make the best possible replies.

Michael has spoken on six continents.

He’s the author of “Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work”, published by Wiley and given ‘Management Gold’ endorsement from the Chartered Management Institute after it was shortlisted for the Business Book Of The Year Award.

Michael served two years as President of the Professional Speaking Association’s fast-growing London Region.

What you can expect to take-away from the session:

Whatever questions you face, Michael Dodd can equip you to deal with them and to get your message across.

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